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Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Olga Bossart, as their artistic portrait photography captures the essence and creativity of fellow artists. Discover the power of artistic connection and explore Olga's Bossart portfolio.

I am Olga Bossart, a photographer currently based in Zurich. My deep-rooted passion for art and creativity has accompanied me all my life. At first, my career aspirations led me toward journalism, but as time went on, I made a complete shift in focus toward photography. I have embarked on extensive experimentation in my artistic journey, constantly refining and perfecting my style. My ultimate goal is to create photographs that transcend beauty and elicit emotional responses, challenge viewers, and offer them a different perspective.

I draw inspiration from many sources, from everyday objects to the extraordinary. Specific shapes and colors often ignite my creative spark, but it is people who serve as my greatest muse.Through engaging in dialogue and interaction with others,

I uncover new ideas and imagery, allowing me to discover a distinct viewpoint or vision on familiar subjects. By delving into feelings and emotions, I invite viewers to accompany me on an evocative journey.

In my abstract works, I deliberately avoid recognizable objects or predefined narratives, providing ample room for interpretation and personal reflection. Conversely, my product photography employs objects as metaphors for my experiences and thoughts. Accompanied by textual elements that offer context, this approach allows me to extend my artistic expression.


I often create a series of works that, when presented together, convey a coherent message or idea. Ultimately, my art invites viewers to enter into a dialogue with themselves, reminding them to devote time to contemplation and self-discovery.

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