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Belly Gods

Introducing «Belly Gods», a photographic series exploring the profound influence of food on modern society. This series of photographs uses darkly morbid symbolism, featuring disturbing images such as a pig's head adorned with flowers, a rabbit with a fork and knife, and a sheep's head on fire. These jarring visuals challenge societal values, critiquing our modern obsession with food, transforming eating into ritual acts. Conversations about food have become ubiquitous, turning into discussions reminiscent of prayers, where plates are revered as altars.
The series asks viewers to consider the meaning of these «New Gods» and how superficial pleasures have eclipsed deeper spiritual and ethical considerations.


You wonder what's going on here. I will explain. Lately, in the course of my conversations with people, I couldn't help but notice how one topic is inherent in any communication, be it with anyone - the topic of food.  
Honestly, I don’t understand what’s happening to us. When did this topic become so relevant? This is not a discussion within the scope of «hunger,» «resources,» or «food photography.» No, we're just discussing what's for dinner! Isn’t it strange that conversations about food have become our prayers, and plates have become altars? There is a truth pulsing at the heart of this madness: in our search for meaning, we find it where it is easiest. Taste, smell, color - all this fascinates us and takes us away from reality.

Food is the fuel that keeps us alive and gives us the energy to move on. However, many of us turn simple meals into rituals. Consumption of food becomes a cult or a new religion. «Let us pray, brothers and sisters!»
The cult has its own branches:
* Healthy eating fraternity
* Followers of the holy bread and fat
* Pure-hearted smoothie lovers
* The warriors of the «anti-everything» camp.

One of the rules for all those who have joined the cult is to tirelessly take photos of their deities. Always and everywhere take photos of your food, otherwise what’s the point?!

So who are these New Gods? Why do their faces fill our screens, why are their images so attractive? Perhaps the answer lies within ourselves. We've forgotten what it's like to be truly hungry. Hungry not in body, but in soul.

Look at these Gods. They are a reflection of ourselves, of our time. In their silence are answers to questions that we have stopped asking.
What are we looking for in this endless pursuit of taste and perfect photographs of our meals? Where is our true self? When did we stop looking for meaning in more than just satisfying physical needs? Why have we forgotten about those things that nourish the soul, and not just the body? These Gods are symbols of our time. They remind us of how far we have gone in search of fleeting pleasure, forgetting about true values.

I present to your attention The Gods of the belly of modern man. Gods to whom people devote their lives.

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