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We are all made up of many different pieces of personality. Depending on the situation, one or another character prevails. But sometimes, there can be contradictions between who we are, who we think we are, and who we want to be. These contradictions may not be easy and very tragic. For example, we may consider ourselves strong and independent, but looking at the realities of life, we see that, in fact, we are dependent and helpless. This is where we begin to experience discontent, anger, apathy, insecurity, and a wide range of not-the-best emotions. You feel at a dead end, and you have already exhausted your energy limit to take some action.

But still, we can do something. Namely, to begin to realize their internal contradictions, it is essential to find the reasons that cause them. It may be intimidating, but a bright prospect will appear on the horizon.

Having discovered the reasons, we can think about a plan of action and implement these actions in life. You need to understand that this will take time and constant work. You may need to change only the way you think, or you may need to completely change your lifestyle and environment. However, it is essential not to let yourself despair and not retreat because, with every step, we are getting closer to finding inner harmony.

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