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PRETENSE (embrace uniqueness)

Sometimes, we do not know ourselves at all. Or rather, we do not know a lot about ourselves, so we often begin to imitate other people. For example, we listen to different bloggers and take their opinions as our own. Among other things, we are told: read these books, watch these films, appearance is not essential, minimalism is cool, eat only these products, think like this. Soon we repeat what we heard from someone with complete confidence that we independently came to these thoughts, conclusions, and decisions. But this world needs different people and does not need to be like someone, like everyone else. Our true desires are so other: to be rich and famous or to lead an ascetic lifestyle. Someone dream of a gentle embrace, but someone wants to be alone for at least one minute. If we adopt other people's goals and ideas (alien to us), we betray ourselves and our uniqueness. It always ends badly. It is necessary to think about what is essential for us. We need to find out our veritable values, goals, and desires, and embrace our uniqueness. In this case, we will be able to live our own, and not someone's life.

Allow yourself to be yourself. Stop pretending. Each of us is beautiful, unique, and special!

After all, this is your party!

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